My Mad Fat Diary

Can he be my welcome-to-London present…yes, no?

This is Nico Mirallegro. He plays one of my favorite characters, Finn, from the British television series My Mad Fat Diary. While at first he comes across egotistical and rude, soon you see he’s actually a sweetheart. It took some time, but I was his biggest fan by the end of the first season.

Set in the 90s, this show follows the main character, Rae Earl, as she copes with mental illness, body image issues and all the other problems that a teenage girl endures throughout high school. MMFD introduces you to a handful of characters that are charming, quirky, sweet and complicated and I love them all…well most. The show is bold and honest, and while it addresses some serious topics like suicide and pregnancy, it handles them well. Overall, there’s a sense of realism to the plot and the characters. I genuinely connected to it. Not to mention, the show has a wicked sense of humor.

The whole cast is fantastic, especially the lead, Sharon Rooney. The show is one of my favorites and the second season starts February 17. I am impatiently waiting. While there are only six episodes in the first season, what an amazing six episodes they are. A must watch, I say.

Hannah Mariko xx


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